Wiki Seat Viewing Wednesday, May 29th - 6-9pm(Before & After the Band Concert)

Auction 8 pm Wednesday, May 29th - 8 pm, Friday, May 31st
To bid on one of the chairs below you need to click on the picture or the discussion post tab next to the edit button above. Once there you will see a tab for each of the chairs. Bidding begins at 8 pm on Wednesday and ends at Midnight on Friday, May 31st.

All money above the cost of the catalyst will go to Project COPE to help raise money for a village in Zambia. See the letter below for more details.

Checks can be made out to BCS for the winning bid price and brought to Mrs. Brown if you win one of the chairs below.

Fitz1 Black Walnut - Adam, Brody, and Camille Winner: Sara Hiipakka $50

Fitz 2 Stylish Learning - Rachel, Lauren, Sophie Winner: Becky M. $10

Fitz 3 Coca Cooler - Ben, Lucas, and Cameron R. Winner: Ben I. $28

Fitz 4 Imagine the Impossible - Vivian, Molly, Angela Winner: Vivian W. $15

Fitz 5 The Dancing Rainbow Monkeys - Ava, Shannon, and Madeline Winner: Shaw Family $10
Fitz 6 Elite Pigs - Blaise, Evan, and Nick Winner: Paula McCulloch $20

Fitz 8 The Steel Chair - Cameron H, Daniel, and Keaton Winner: Daniel Z. $14

Fitz 7 The Cool Stools - Nate, Ross, and David Winner: Sauter $50

Fitz 9 The Multipurpose Chair - Mika, Katie, and Reagan Winner: NO BIDS

Brown 10 The Street Seats - Hadin, Andrew, and Trevor Winner: Esha S. $20

Brown 11 The Seat Doctors - Cole H, Henry and Nick N Winner: NO BIDS

Brown 12 The I don't knows - Michael, Cole, and Paul Winner: Motlagh $15

Brown 13 Flamingo Furniture - Teri, Katie & Josh Winner: Kelli S. $12

Brown 14 ACR - Ashley, Claire, Riley Winner: drweidinger $20

Brown 15 The S.E.A.T.'s - Jon, Nick H. & Phillip Winner: Darlene C. $25

Brown 16 The Under Water Dolphins - Nina, Susan, Katherine Winner: Mrs. Holtan $20

Brown 17 The Happy Chairs - Claudia, Carina and Nikki Winner: Kathy B. $15

Brown 18 The Hurricanes - Shannon, Audrey and Charrise Winner: Stephen S. $10

Fitz Homeroom

Brown Homeroom

Challenge: Design and Build a place to sit, using the wiki seat catalyst, that can safely support a person.

Purpose: Think of a time when you or somebody else needed a seat. Design and create a seat that will fit this need.

Materials: Please use the supplies in class or recycle materials found at home, at a friends or some other source to build your seat. You should not spend much, if any, money to construct your wiki seat. (Look online for free materials)

Final Product Presentation: Evening Gallery display & Auction
Each team will display their seat & a color, 8 1/2 x 11 poster with a description of the purpose of their seat and who it was designed for, the drawing of their original design, a picture of their product, a team photo with names & a QR code that takes them to their team wiki. These will be displayed in a clear plexiglass display frame that stands up.

Wiki Seat Catalyst

Wiki seat samples

external image 8539750663_4c203e461f.jpg&q=100&h=400&w=400external image 8540854000_333a7ea0f0.jpg&q=100&h=400&w=400
external image seattttttoilet-2.jpgexternal image 8540854158_8aaee81316.jpg&q=100&h=400&w=400

Go to the wiki seat website to learn more.

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