Goal: Being more ORGANIZED so that I can turn in COMPLETED assignments ON TIME!!

Action Plan:
1. Label slots in accordion file and file all paperwork in the proper location at the end of each class.
2. I will make sure I fill out my planner at the end of each class.
3. I will use my planner to pack my backpack each night.
4. I will stay on task during class. If I'm not sure of what I need to do I will ask.
5.I will take my time on all assignments and when completed double check the directions/rubric to make sure I have met all requirements.
6. I will ask my teachers to put an estimated time next to each assignment in my planner. I will use that time limit while completing my work at home. When the time is up I will STOP. If I don't finish I will meet with the appropriate teacher the next to find out what to do next.
Which of the steps in your action plan have you been doing? Which ones haven’t you been doing? Why? In which ways do you feel like you have made progress toward achieving your goal? Explain. I labeled the slots in my accordion file L.A, S.S, Science, Math, Planner, and Rubrics. Sometimes I don't think I have time so I think of writing down my homework at the beginning of the next class but then I forget. I don't use my planner to pack my backpack because I never think about it. I stay on task in class and ask if I'm not sure of instructions. I take my time on H.W. but I don't double check the directions. Sometimes I remember to get a time estimate from my teachers though I end up finishing my work. I am getting closer to achieving my goal because I'm using helpful skills. I file my paper accordingly, I don't always fill out my planner at the end of each class, I don't use my planner to pack my backpack at all, I do stay on task during class, I do take my time but I don't double check the directions, I have been forgetting to get a time estimate on my planner. I feel I am making progress because I know were every thing is and I know what to do.
Which of the steps in the action plan has your child been doing? Which steps hasn’t your child been doing? Why? Do you feel like your child has made progress toward achieving the goal? Explain.

We agree that Michael has labeled all of the slots in his accordion file, and it also looks like he's been filing his paperwork at the end of each class. He reports that he remembers to write down his homework in his planner at the end of each class about 50% of the time. He also checks the homework blogs every night to confirm his homework, and we suspect that he would find fewer discrepancies between his planner and the blogs if he increased the number of days he writes down his homework in his planner at the end of each class. We think this assignment was a good reminder to use his planner when packing his backpack to go home from school each afternoon and to double check assignment directions/rubrics after homework is completed. While we could only find two instances where he had written down expected time frames for assignments, Michael's time management has improved dramatically since setting this goal. One way he is managing his homework time more effectively is by setting timers to keep track of how long he has been working on a particular assignment. We think Michael can be proud of his progress toward his goal because he seems to have a better grasp of his homework assignments overall.

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