The Watsons Go To Birmingham In1963
By: Christopher Paul Curtis
The Watson's go to Birmingham in 1963 is about how a family change and the bombing of the church in Birmingham, Alabama. The Watson's are Mama, Dad, Byron or By, Kenny or Kenneth, and Joey or Joetta. Momma is very protective and is from Alabama so she thinks flint is freezing so she layers the kids till they walk and look like mummy's. Byron is a bully who bully's everyone. Kenny is a kind kid that tells the story. Joey is a little girl that is very protective. Dad is a funny guy that knows the time when to be serious. The Watson's live in Flint, Michigan and they go to Birmingham, Alabama.

A week after they arrived in Alabama. Grandma Sands, friend Mr. Roberts came over to show Dad, Mom, By, Kenny, and Joey. The best fishing spot in town, Mr. Roberts took them to the lake, there were to sides the public lake or Colliers landing. Dad, Mr. Roberts started walking over to public lake. Kenny was ready for Byron to go to colliers landing, because their was a whirlpool there. But Byron didn't want to go. When Byron and Joey left, Kenny went to Colliers Landing. Kenny saw little fish in the water so he took off his shoes and walked in the water and tried to catch them. He wondered why they weren't swimming in to the middle of the lake. Then he saw the reason. A giant turtle was on a rock. Kenny saw the turtle and swam after it, he swam into a whirlpool or wool pooh. The wool pooh sucked him under ( the wool pooh stands for death). He went under water, Byron came over to check on Kenny and dove into the water and swam to Kenny. He got Kenny out and started kissing him. That was a huge part in the story.

Next is, the next day Kenny was sleeping on a magnolia tree when a bomb went off and Kenny woke up and went inside. Kenny didn't know that a bomb went off. But Byron did he put on pants and ran through Alabama mud bear foot. The bomb blew up on joeys church. Kenny was standing there in shock. When he finally snapped out of it and got dressed and ran to the church. Their were two dead body's a girl in blue and a girl in white. If Joey came out dead and got place next to the other dead girls it would make red, white, and blue. Which stands for equality and justice which was the opposite of what this was. Kenny saw cracked cement then one of joeys shoes sticking out from underneath it. Kenny yanked and yanked the finally got it the he saw a figure the of the wool pooh, THE SIGN OF DEATH. Kenny ran home, and knocked into Joey. He screamed, JOEY YOUR OK. Joey said, Where have you been and what the crackers are you talking about. Kenny ran to mom and dad and Byron and told them that Joey was ok and at the house. Joey didn't know about the bombing, but the reason she didn't blow to pieces was she hallucinated seeing Kenny running down the street show she chased after him.

Those both we're two big scenes in the story. At the end of the story the family's personality changes big. Byron was a bully, but now he is a protective brother that doesn't bully as much. Kenny changes by seeing how easily bad things can happen to you and having to get used to having a good, nice, and kind brother. Joey is kind off a flat character who doesn't change that much. And the parents Now have to get used to having a good family that cares about each other. I told you two big parts in the story and how the family changes. I hope you will read the story to find out more.

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