My handwriting has really improved over the year. As a writer writing has helped me improve by all of the assignments Ms. Fitz gives me. My handwriting is a lot better when I write in cursive but is to slow for me. My handwriting was not has good during the beginning of the year but has improved after a couple assignments. I hope that has the year goes on it will get better.

I think that my LA experience has been rather good this year. The class has been really good and I managed to still maintain a good grade in it. The best part about the class is when Ms.Fitz would read wonder to us because that story was really good. Wonder was so good I read it a second time at home. LA has proven to be a very fun class and I hope to maintain a good grade for the rest of the year.

I really in joy reading. I think my reading has not improved at all and has stayed the same. The thing that has changed is the amount of books I read a day. With a 400-page book it will take me about 3day to read it. I do believe that I am a very good reader and will continue to read every book that I can get my hands on.

I have had a really good experience with social studies this year. The best part was learning about the Egyptians and their way of life that was so unique for ours. Egypt is so interesting because of how every big building is for their pharaohs or their gods.

I have learned a lot form the BCS bees project. As a part of the project I got to learn about CCD and other thing related to bees. The most interesting thing I learned is how china has to hand pollinated because of the loss of bees. The project is one of the best ways to work with the brown 5th grade students. The project has made the fitz kids get to know the brown kids better.

My grope In the Bcs bees (bee keeping) dose not really works together. We kina work on our own project while people who get to be pick by Ms. Fitz and Ms. brown get to go to big presentations to the school board and to the Michigan bee keeping accusation if they have been work in a important grope for a long time. I don’t really like what grope I’m in.

My main goal in BCS bees is to be able to some thing important to actual save the bees instead of making games. I’m getting really board in the class because all I’m doing is small meaning less research like what the weather will be next month or how much hives cost. I wish I could do something important.

The most challenging thing about science is health. I just watched my ‘just around the corner” video and am kinda disturbed with it. I also find it challenging to study the body systems with such little info for each one and think it should be dived into units. Health is hard and I have overcome the challenges by studying really hard and going over the facts.

My favorite activity in science was the gravity curser. The gravity was a cart that had a weight. You could wind it back then let go and it would go forward. It was really fun to play with and to pull pack. It also fun because at the end Ms. Brown’s class won. I had such a good time.

My goal for science is to get a good grade for science. I am doing pretty well with this goal. It is hard to maintain a good grade in this class as expected. I hope to continue with an A. It is going to be a hard year.

The project I would share is the sports challenge. It is one of the only projects that is digital. It is really entertaining to watch. I think I did well with the project. I hope you liked it as much as I did.

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