The best of the best tricks were in the show. The people who were in the show were Ben Nick Cole Trevor John Philip Lucas Henry Cameron and Blake. We practiced by catching our trick and once practice was over we went to bed. It was the last night of summer camp at Camp Tanuga and it was time for the big show. Immediately after the campfire, the 11 people that were invited to be in the trapeze show meet at the trapeze. We all got ready, and then the rest of the campers came to watch the tricks that we had perfected over the month. The first six kids finished their tricks and now, it was my turn. I started to climb the ladder. It looked like a million feet up, but it was only about 20 feet off the ground. I finally got up on the platform. I became nervous for my part, "the plunge" but jumped off the platform with the bar on time. I was flying through the air. It was great! I heard the counselor say, "legs up" and I got them up fast. Then I heard the word "final". I went into my final position, flying through the air. I saw the catcher and he said, "let go." I did, and was caught. It all went as planned and I was so happy that I was invited to perform in the show.

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