The watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. This book is about the charters changing into there self like byron becomes a nice brother . The setting in the book is important because they move to Birmingham from flint Michigan. The main charter moves to Alabama then the church blew up then they came back home.
Characters in this book change a lot. Byron changes in going from being the bad boy or Mr. Cool to changing into a big brother and being really nice. Kenny does not change at all in the book he only gets shocked from the bomb that went off in the church. Joatta character is she is a real goody-goody. Daniel Watson is the comedian of the family. Wilona Watson is the mean parent of the family.
The setting in the book is one of the most important parts in the book. When they go to Birmingham the setting changed a lot from being a cold to becoming really sunny and hot. When they are in the car Kenny has to go to the bathroom in a outhouse not a white toilette. Down south they have more outhouses because it is warmer then it is in flint Michigan.
There are a lot of things that the book represents symbolism. One part is when byron kills the bird and it dies and that symbolizes that he starting to feel bad for what we have bin doing. Another symbolism is when Kenny was sucked down into the wool pooh and he saw Joey as an angel it symbolism's death. The watsons famous pet house represents heath. That is what represents what in this book.
This is the charters, symbolism, and the setting. The setting is one of the most important parts in the book. Symbolism is a big part too. Characters are the biggest thing because they change a lot. That is how they are important.

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